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May 29, 2010


National Historical Site    The remains of Tokiwa Residence of Hōjō Family

  The residential buildings were constructed here for the Hōjō clan, including buildings for the 7th regent of the Kamakura Shogunate Government Masamura Hōjō. The chiseled flat area of the site is called "Tachindai". The name indicates the relation from the medieval land use.
  This chiseled flat section with surrounding man-made cliff was formed out of a V-shaped valley. The archaeological excavation of the site uncovered building foundations in favorable conditions. There are ceremonial tombs from 13th to 14th century called "Yagura" on the northwestern corner of Tachindai.
  The topography around Tachindai also maintains the landscape before the construction of residential buildings of Hojo family. The site is historical for its nature of buildings and medieval landscapes.

           March 2009  
Board of Education, Kamakura City  

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